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Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Recommendation for El Salvador par. 27 (c) (2022)

Text of the recommendation

27. (c)Ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons are able to enjoy their economic, social and cultural rights and have access to health, education, employment, housing, poverty reduction and food security programmes.


Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Concluding observations on the sixth periodic report of El Salvador, E/C.12/SLV/CO/6, (2022). Par. 27 (c). Available at: https://docstore.ohchr.org/SelfServices/FilesHandler.ashx?enc=4slQ6QSmlBEDzFEovLCuW%2FH%2F4vptEr4hUabmo93cgAjz7LVpr9z26A9Rc%2FsizORElhUCbF%2BWp%2BHgNKqdIw15eiBItPXNBkHPGa5DAAXW5om040rkX0RIZgYIfUmG4p21