2006 Food policy

Committee on the Rights of the Child, General Recommendation #7, par. 8 (2006)

Text of the recommendation

8. Finally, research has highlighted the particular risks to young children from malnutrition, disease, poverty, neglect, social exclusion and a range of other adversities. It shows that proper prevention and intervention strategies during early childhood have the potential to impact positively on young children’s current well‑being and future prospects. Implementing child rights in early childhood is thus an effective way to help prevent personal, social and educational difficulties during middle childhood and adolescence (see general comment No. 4 (2003) on adolescents health and development).


Committee on the Rights of the Child, GENERAL COMMENT No. 7-Rev.1-Implementing child rights in early childhood, CRC/C/GC/7/, (2006). Par. 8. Available at: https://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/15/treatybodyexternal/Download.aspx?symbolno=CRC%2fC%2fGC%2f7%2fRev.1&Lang=en