2012 Food policy

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Recommendation for Austria par. 32 (a) (2020)

Text of the recommendation

32. (a) Strengthen measures to address obesity in children and actions to promote a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity.

Year 2012
Topic Food policy
Document Type Country Recommendations
Country Austria
Policy Area Nutritional surveillance
Human Rights Comiteee CRC
Human Rights Right to adequate food and nutrition
Groups Affected Children and adolescents


Committee on the Rights of the Child, Concluding observations on the combined fifth and sixth periodic reports of Austria, CRC/C/AUT/CO/5-6 (2020). Par. 32(a). Available at: https://docstore.ohchr.org/SelfServices/FilesHandler.ashx?enc=6QkG1d%2FPPRiCAqhKb7yhsvkrHee8tArE5cEO48WRQ1gVMWjPAohzJdodkn0%2BhzkT3o0ypXMuZuHcJ2JrCvBAfWT2gxG4CnKP3OYI7GQNgUlNTid242NuiqJ%2BoqBOlISF