2013 Food policy

Committee on the Rights of the Child, Recommendation for China, par. 66 (a) (2013)

Text of the recommendation

66. The Committee strongly recommends that the State party: (a) Intensify its efforts to reform laws and strengthen implementation of regulations on food and health safety standards, including for the business sector, and ensure that any officials or companies violating international and national environment and health standards are appropriately sanctioned and remedies provided when violations occur.


Committee on the Rights of the Child, Concluding observations on the combined third and fourth periodic reports of China, adopted by the Committee at its sixty-fourth session (16 September–4 October 2013), CRC/C/CHN/CO/3-4 (2013). Par. 66 (a). Available at: https://docstore.ohchr.org/SelfServices/FilesHandler.ashx?enc=6QkG1d%2FPPRiCAqhKb7yhso23wCwLcI6mikolpecekJiKxokT9PZd%2BAIuwnAS9cTQ8odgT3SN5r8b2fwEGfzcssJ8eKxAFqJbvyE3s8JRY4Uw7I4nkOnElqyaQajNCXsj