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Committee on the Rights of the Child, Recommendation for Cabo Verde, par. 51 and par. 52 (2001)

Text of the recommendation

51. The Committee is concerned that adolescents face numerous risks, including from life on the street, sexual exploitation, mistreatment, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse and delinquency, and that there are no statistics available to indicate the number of adolescents exposed to these dangers. The Committee is concerned, in addition, at the high rates of teenage pregnancy, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, the potential spread of HIV/AIDS and the incidence of unsafe abortions occurring outside the health service structure. 52. The Committee recommends that the State party: (a) Ensure that its child rights policy takes into consideration the risks faced by adolescents and that every effort is made to ensure that adolescents have access to appropriate health, including mental health, care and legal assistance; (b) Give special attention to sexual exploitation, mistreatment, and alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse; (c) Give special attention to teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and unsafe abortions, including through the provision of sex education for all adolescents; (d) Ensure the provision of child-sensitive health assistance, education and counselling, in full respect of the child’s right to privacy; (e) Seek technical assistance from, among others, UNFPA and WHO.


Committee on the Rights of the Child, ONSIDERATION OF REPORTS SUBMITTED BY STATES PARTIES UNDER ARTICLE 44 OF THE CONVENTION, CRC/C/15/Add.168 (2001). Par. 51 and 52. Available at: https://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/15/treatybodyexternal/Download.aspx?symbolno=CRC%2fC%2f15%2fAdd.168&Lang=en