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Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Recommendation for China, par. 59 (2005)

Text of the recommendation

59.The Committee strongly recommends that the State party take immediate measures, inter alia by increasing allocations, for the protection of economic, social and cultural rights of persons living in disadvantaged areas, in particular with regard to adequate housing, food and water, health services and sanitation. The Committee calls upon the State party to develop a mechanism for measuring the poverty level and to monitor it closely, and refers the State party to the Committee’s statement on poverty adopted in May 2001.


Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under articles 16 and 17 of the Covenant, Concluding observations of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights People’s Republic of China (including Hong Kong and Macao), E/C.12/1/Add.107 (2005). Par. 59. Available at: https://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/15/treatybodyexternal/Download.aspx?symbolno=E%2FC.12%2F1%2FAdd.107&Lang=en