1999 Food policy

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, General Recommendation #12 par. 8 (1999)

Text of the recommendation

8. The Committee considers that the core content of the right to adequate food implies:

The availability of food in a quantity and quality sufficient to satisfy the dietary needs of individuals, free from adverse substances, and acceptable within a given culture;

The accessibility of such food in ways that are sustainable and that do not interfere with the enjoyment of other human rights.

Year 1999
Topic Food policy
Document Type General Recommendations
Country N/A
Policy Area Food and nutrition security
Human Rights Comiteee CESCR
Human Rights Right to adequate food and nutrition


Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, GENERAL COMMENT 12 - The right to adequate food (art. 11), E/C.12/1999/5, (1999). Par. 8. Available at: https://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/15/treatybodyexternal/Download.aspx?symbolno=E%2fC.12%2f2000%2f4&Lang=en